Sunday, March 1, 2015

Won't You Be Our Partner AKA How You Can Help!

The good news is 100% of the funding GPPR receives goes to the dogs.  You read that right, 100%.  Now I wish I could say our funding needs are 100% met, but they aren't. However, you can help.

You can sponsor a specific dog and be a Pointing Partner.  Your donation goes to your partner's food, vet care, toys or anything else needed to help in the journey to a forever home.  You can have a direct impact on the second chance your Pointing Partner has in our program.  In doing this you support the dog, the foster home and GPPR.  Gotta love that.

Sometimes we have dogs in our care with special medical needs.  They are not adoption ready and are listed under the title of Sponsorship.  Lila and Pete are both examples of Sponsorship dogs.   They need lots of love and financial support to assist in the healing process.

You can also donate in the memory of a loved one, either two footed or four footed.  It's all good and goes to helping our dogs find wonderful forever homes.  Maybe you are the family looking to adopt and maybe you can't adopt, but still want to help.  We love you for your support.  Just like we love the dogs in our program.  In whatever way you can....won't you be our partner???