Thursday, September 22, 2016

Who Knew??

So you're thinking you want a Pointer to join your family.  Like any wise person, you are pondering what you need to know about pointers.  You're researched the breed characteristics, but still, you are curious.  I polled some of the foster homes for Great Plains Pointer Rescue on your behalf.  After all we know all about them, or we've learned along the way.  At one point (no pun intended) we were just like you....ready to love a pointer.

In no specific order here is the scoop.  Now, not all pointers will do these things.  Some will, some won't.  Some will add new things to the list.  No two are alike.

Your new family member may be a sneaky counter surfer.  And, again your new family member may have the good manners not too.  Knowledge is power and we want you to be aware these things can happen.  I had one foster dog sneak a piece of bacon right out of the pan.  Bacon can be really tempting, right?

They love their people, and the closer they can get to their people is important.  Your lap may be full of your new family member.  You may have company when you go to the bathroom.  They like to least most do.  Those that do have no concept of personal space.  Trust me, it's not a bad thing!

Their ears may disengage when their nose is fully engaged.  When the lure of a squirrel, rabbit, bird or even a butterfly fills their head, they can become hearing impaired. Proper recall training is critical.

No two pointers are the same.  Some may have a desire to hunt, some may have a low drive to hunt. Some learn quickly, some are more of a challenge.  Some are food motivated, some not.  Some are very sensitive and some can be stubborn. Make no mistake, they are smart. More than once I've been outsmarted by one. They will train you, if you don't train them first.

They love a job.  It works their brains, as well as their body.  It may be hunting, it may be fetching and carrying, it may be pet therapy work. Don't forget a tired dog is a good dog. Pointers are intuitive...they can read your mood. They know when you need a good cuddle, they know when there is excitement and they can be sensitive to drama.

And, then there is the couch potato phenomenon. Your smart, active, engaging pointer morphs into a complete couch potato.  See my comment about laps and personal space.  Not just a couch potato, but even in sleep they are entertaining and endearing. There is never a dull moment with a pointer. But if a pointer is the right dog for you, you won't want it any other way.