Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Love Is In The Air At GPPR

A few words about love and GPPR.  I may be uniquely qualified as I am both a volunteer for GPPR and an adopter from them. Right now I am Buddy's foster Mom. In the past I was the foster Mom for Layla, Chukar, Addy, Wallace, Snowflake and Jesse.  It's a revolving door of fosters here and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Valentine's is just around the corner and we have some real sweethearts looking for love on our website.  

It takes a special person to adopt a rescue dog.  We find they are people full of hope.  People who embrace second chances.  People who are willing to love a new dog, and the special quirks they come with, into their lives. Quirks you say? Yup, we have them and dogs have them. Quirks, idiosyncrasies, baggage, history. I mean that in the best way!!! Rescue dogs are grateful, loving, adaptable.  Some do best with experienced owners, some may have special needs.  All are waiting for that perfect forever home. Are they adoptable - absolutely.  Are they fabulous - completely.  Do they have a whole lot of love to give - totally.      

We understand that adopting a new pet is a commitment, and we are committed to helping your new family member adjust into your home and heart.

Think about the love you have to offer, and the dogs waiting for their forever home.  Let's do a little matchmaking.  Love is in the air.

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