Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How Do We Do It?

As a foster home I get asked all the time how I do it?  How do you let them into your home not knowing what baggage they bring?  How to you put up with the challenges?  How do you let them go to their forever home?

Let me tell you.  It's simple.  And sometimes it's a little difficult.  It's just little acts of love towards the dogs done day-after-day.  Think about that, little acts of love X as many days as necessary.

I say that with my feet still wet from giving our foster a medicated bath.  A small inconvenience for me and hopefully a huge comfort for Buddy. We take them to vet appointments.  Sometimes to work with us.  Just to keep an extra eye on them.  It's not mandatory to do that when fostering, but nice when a work situation allows that. We try as many cones as necessary to keep them from licking their booboo's.  If they need special food, we get it. It's easy to provide acts of love when you dedicate your time to their needs.

Many of the dogs have never experienced "the good life".  What a kick to be the first to lavish that on them.  We do this knowing the goal is for them to leave us. To find their forever home. It's easy, it's sometimes difficult.  

But if we don't do this who will? Someone has to step up to the loving plate. Foster homes do just this.  

Maybe you have thought of fostering. Perhaps it seemed like an overwhelming task. Trust me, it's not. It is just little acts of love, food, shelter, basic training, lots of gentle touch.  A sense of humor comes in darned handy too! And a willingness to love them enough to let them go when the time is right. We have a great support system for our foster homes. We have great dogs needing fosters. Maybe you'd like join the team. Ask us how!

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