Sunday, May 18, 2014

How Can I Help?

You've seen us at events.  We have our booth, our posters, our dogs, our GPPR shirts.  We will talk your leg off about our dogs.  Who needs a foster, who got adopted, which dog might be the best fit for you.  We talk about puppies, seniors and all the ones in between.  

Right now, as the phrase goes in rescue, it's raining dogs.  We have 8 dogs waiting for foster homes to open up.  We have dogs we have to turn away because of this.  We have dogs waiting for that forever home to find them. So many in need that you might wonder how you can help.

That is easy!  Here you go:

 1)  Adopt!  Each adoption opens up space for a new dog to come into the program.  You have a best friend and make space for another to get lucky too!

 2)  Foster.  We have a great support system for our foster homes.  Ask us how!  

 3)  Share/Network.    Share the pictures and stories of our fosters on your Facebook page, in your emails, over the water cooler at work.  We brag about our kids, so what not brag about your favorite rescue.

 4)  Transport.  How do you think we get dogs from point A to point B? Volunteers drive them.  It might be just across town, or clear across the state.  We divide up the miles and take a leg.  Easy peasy when a team works together for the benefit of the dogs.

 5)  Sponsor a dog on our website. If you can sponsor one of our pointers, we apply the donations to all of their medical and food needs.  100% of any money that comes into our program goes directly to the dogs in our care.

 6)  Make a purchase from the GPPR store - see our website for details!

 7)  Wear your GPPR shirt or sweatshirt proudly!  Give one as a gift, buy an extra for yourself.

 8)  Shop at AmazonSmile and Amazon will make a donation to GPPR.

 9)  Have an extra crate you are not using, blankets, leashes?  Donate them to us, or your favorite shelter.  We do accept toys, food, leashes and treats. 

10) Have some time to help us screen applications?  We always need volunteers for special projects and applications.  

11)  Cash, did I mention cash?  Yup, we are always grateful for cash donations.  All our dogs are fully vetted prior to adoption.  Every little bit helps.  Don't be shy!

12)  Remember GPPR in your will.  Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds.  Make an "in memory of" donation when you lose a loved one. 

Everyone has gifts to share...time, talents, treasure...please consider sending a little our way to help the dogs.  

P.S. We welcome good thoughts, karma and prayers...  We're working with some pretty special dogs here, our volunteers are amazing people and we want the best for them.  We couldn't do what we do without YOU!  We (that's you and me, me and you, and you and me) save dogs.  

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