Saturday, June 7, 2014

Why Dogs Come Into Rescue Programs....the Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Ugly Excuses.

Don't get me wrong, we are tickled pink to have dogs come into our program. And while we'd love not having dogs to adopt, and others waiting to come in to the program, we love giving them a second chance in life.  We live for that. We understand that second chances are the best possible outcome for dogs in unfortunate situations.  

People often ask why people surrender their dogs.  Many of these answers will infuriate you, sadden you, will make you shake your head and roll your eyes. Believe me, that's our response too.  Here are the ones we see most frequently.

 1.  We had a baby, or are expecting a baby and we just don't have time.

 2.  Tank got too big for us, too active for us, and he sheds!

 3.  Wesson won't hunt.  He gun shy and worthless.

 4.  Buster is too old and we need space for a new puppy.

 5.  Spot has accidents in the house, separation anxiety.

 6.  Champ goes crazy when it storms.

 7.  Fido ate a bird and freaked the kids out.  

 8.  Sidney's owner died.

 9.  Moving, divorcing, relocating, deployed and can't keep him/her.
10. She is to old to breed anymore.

11. Fence jumping.

12. Health the dog.  Health the owner.

13. Rufus is completely untrainable.

14. My girlfriend/boyfriend doesn't like dogs.

15. He barks.  Or, he doesn't bark and I wanted a guard dog.  

16. Daisy killed the chickens, or the cat.  

17. She/he is aggressive when the kids pull, push, crowd and tease.

18. I didn't expect them to be so energetic.  

19. King doesn't get along with the new puppy.

20. Dog chews on the furniture, the crate, shoes.

21. They are too needy.

22. Sarge gets loose and won't come when called.

23. They howl, bark, dig holes when left outside all day and night.

24. We can't afford the dog's food and medical needs.

25. We wanted a lower maintenance dog.

26. He kept biting the testicles of the other dogs in the house.  

So...these are just some of the reasons/excuses we hear.  Honestly, you can't make this stuff up.  It is what it is, and why the world has rescue programs.

We encourage you to know the breed you are adopting and recognize that owning a pet is a life long commitment.  It is not jumping blindly into pet ownership.  It's not about seeing a puppy and impulsively buying it. It's a big deal and a big decision.  After all, the dog you choose depends on you. Don't let them down.

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