Friday, June 13, 2014

Buddy's Story - How You Can Help

Buddy joined the GPPR family in March.  He was vetted, had some lumps removed and was moved to a foster home.  Okay, he was moved to our home. His lumps were mast cell tumors and while at first we thought his prognosis was good, now we are finding his status has changed. He is having an additional lump removed next week.  We''ll know more about his status then.

This will sound funny, but we feel pretty darned lucky to love this guy. Sometimes our fosters find their forever homes, sometimes we are that forever home. While our dream is placing them with a loving family, sometimes we are blessed to be that family.  We feel bad for him. We wanted him to find a fabulous home and live happily ever after.  We always have high hopes for our fosters, and fall in love with them in the process. Seriously, isn't making a commitment to love, honor and cherish what pet ownership is all about? Why would fostering be any different.

The decision has been made to change Buddy's status from adoption ready, to sponsorship only.  What this means is Buddy will live out his days with us. Rest assured he'll be loved, pampered, kept comfy, and we pray it will be for many, many days.  He'll get his romps in the country, naps in the sun, and we'll work closely with our vet to make sure comfort is his first priority.  If you'd like, you can sponsor Buddy, or dogs in situations like Buddy's.  Your donation will go directly to the medical needs of that dog.  Sponsorship donations are every bit as important as adoption fee's.  Your contribution makes a difference.  Your donation will help us keep Buddy a happy guy. 

We love this old boy.  We know you would to if you could meet Buddy.  Help us care for him.  Loving them to a new home, or until they cross the bridge, is part of what we do at GPPR.  Please share this journey with us. 

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