Saturday, July 26, 2014

Moving on After Losing A Beloved Pet

We've all been in those shoes.  Our beloved pet crossed the bridge and we're devastated.  Looking at their bed hurts, you want to pick up their bowls and you just can't do it.  Tears flow freely and your heart feels numb. You didn't have enough time with them. You think you can never love another one again. It's impossible to replace that special pet.  And that's true.

Losing a pet is part of loving a pet. Though that loss is keen, you have the satisfaction of knowing you loved and cared for a precious life.  If you are grieving the loss of a pet please know we understand.  If you think that nothing good can come of it please think again.

Think about adopting a rescue dog in honor of the pet you have lost.  It is a pure and simple way to share your love, and the love your pet enjoyed over the years.  I have no doubt, as they cross the bridge, that they would say "please love again" if they could.  They know us inside and out.  Know when we are joyful and when we are sad.  They know the comfort of a gentle hand just as we know the comfort of soft fur and a cold nose.  

One can't replace a beloved pet, but one can move on and love again. Find a way to honor your pet.  Make a donation in his/her name to your favorite shelter or rescue. Foster in their honor. There are always dogs needing foster homes. Or, better yet, adopt in their honor.  Honoring the loss, and the love you shared, helps the healing process. 

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