Monday, January 11, 2016

Power To The Powder Faces

I may be biased....I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Senior Dogs Rock. They sure do. In so many ways.

Puppies are darling, don't get me wrong.  But a senior brings so much to the table. Maturity, a laid back temperament, lower exercise needs.  They love a nap, a cuddle and the soft touch of a loving hand. They may enjoy a run, but don't have to run all day. They get straight A's in companionship!! Mostly, your shoes are safe from getting chewed on!  Plus, potty training is not a new concept.

Sure everyone melts when they see a puppy, but puppies are a lot of work.  Seniors, not so much. Seniors have as much love to give as a puppy at a more relaxed pace. They are grateful and mellow. Give them a soft bed, or a pillow, and odds are it will stay intact (some exceptions may apply)!

Sadly, seniors get overlooked in the adoption process.  People think a younger dog is better, that they don't want to get attached to an older dog, that seniors are fraught with health issues.  Not necessarily so. Seniors want a soft spot to land, just like we do. They long to be loved, just like we do.  They have oodles of love to share. Hopefully, just like we do!

Seniors have so much to offer. Wisdom, patience, love.  Perhaps that is exactly what an adopter needs to love one. Wisdom, patience and love.  Adorable doesn't always come with sharp puppy teeth. Often it comes with a gray face, a powder face.  It grows in the heart of one who loves selflessly. It brings blessings and joys one could never anticipate. Think about it, there is a senior pointer in our program who needs you, who needs your love.  Show them the good life.

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